Jocks n Socks

Jocks n Socks

We've teamed up with Shifty Lizard Brewing Co to create a hamper suited for dad – or dad-like people of your life. Or a mate. Or a son. But don't feel restricted to men. Some ladies like beer too. 

The name of the hamper says it all, but conditions apply. Whilst you will get a lovely pair  of Shifty Lizard socks from The Off Beat Sock Company, you'll also get a pair of Tighty Whiteys – which is a beer, not an actual pair of jocks.

All up were including a selection of five Shifty Lizard beers. One of those will be a stout collab between the brewery and another of our suppliers, Dawn Patrol Coffee.

On top of that, to accompany those beers, you'll get a full set of Mike's Beef Jerky in the three flavours, Original, Pepper and Chilli. You'll also get a packet of Port Willunga Fine Foods almonds, Baylie's Sea Salt Lavash and a jar of Fiaje Chilli Jam.

A roller coaster ride of flavours that we're sure will be enjoyed.


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