We work in tandem with you to create bespoke gifts tailored to your market. Our focus is on offering a luxury gift remembered by your customers. We work to integrate your marketing requirements into our hampers, giving a unique, boutique gift to help grow your business. We source the finest in regional small-batch suppliers rather than known brand names. 

Our luxury hampers are a representation of your business. We understand this.

Contact us today regarding our corporate rates and to create the perfect hampers for your clients.


How do I place a corporate order?

Simple. Get in touch with us via Alternatively ring Neil Williams on 0427 422 007 or Bruce Tonkin on 0428 400 013. We'll talk to you about your options and provide you with a quote. After approval we will need a list of recipients to complete the order.

Can I create a bespoke corporate hamper?

Of course! We can tailor hampers to suit your requirements. Looking to add your own touch? We can include additional or replace existing products.

Can I personalise hampers using my corporate identity?

Yes, there are quite a few options to personalise your hampers in order to suit your corporate identity. These could include paper inserts, custom ribbons and printed boxes. There are costs associated with doing this, so be sure to ask us.

How many hampers can I order?

There is no maximum number of hampers you can order. In order to access corporate rates the minimum number of hampers would need to be at least five.

When will my corporate order be delivered?

We generally work around weekly delivery windows, particularly during the festive season. For example you might want your hampers delivered either directly to you or to your recipients in the first week of December. We will aim to deliver from Monday to Friday that week.


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