Let Life Be Gin

Let Life Be Gin

Relatively new to the ever-expanding South Australian gin scene, Rose Kentish, Full Circle Spirits co-founder and distiller, focuses on unique flavour combinations.

Kentish stems from the world of award-winning winemaking, but threw herself into distilling as a result of the pandemic. Her existing skills were put to good use, resulting in what can almost be described as an art form rather than simple flavours.

In this hamper you'll find two of her small-batch creations, including Green Olive, Lemon & Thyme or Orange & Bay.

Finishing off this hamper you'll find three packets of Peel & Tonic Dried Fruits, a jar of Fiaje Sour Cherry Gin Jam, a jar of Kalamata olives from Two Hills & A Creek near Strathalbyn and a packet of Lavash from Baylies in Woodside.

Whoever you're buying it for, let life be gin with this one.

In the box
  • 2 x Full Circle Spirit Gins (700ml each)
    • This will be two full-sized bottles from Full Circle's Small Batch range, including Green Olive, Lemon & Thyme and Orange & Bay.
  • 3 x Peel & Tonic Dried Fruits
    • Pair the gins with luscious dried fruits from Peel & Tonic, including Amazing Apple, Luscious Lime and Opulent Orange.
  • Fiaje Sour Cherry Gin Jam
    • For those that don't like their jam too sweet and adore the flavours of Cherries with the additional tang of a quality gin.
  • Two Hills & A Creek Kalamata Olives
  • Baylies Lavash

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