The Queen Bee

The Queen Bee

The queen is like the goddess: her life is committed to selfless service for the hive. Without a queen, life in the hive grows chaotic.

At the heart of this hamper is Maine Beach's Kangaroo Island Organic Ligurian Honey Hand & Body Wash. This wash contains the rich, organic honey sourced from the world’s sole remaining pure strain of Ligurian bees on South Australia’s Kangaroo Island.

There's enough sweets in here to keep her happy too, including The Lane's Lois Blanc de Blancs, Figue Chocolate Truffle Duo and chocolate block, as well as a packet of Emmaline's Raspberry Melting Moments.

We also include Etikette's Tanglewood Sweet Honey & Myrtle candle just to set the mood.


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