Gin's My Tonic

Gin's My Tonic

Ambleside Distillers have created three superb gins, all with their own delicious individual characteristics. This Williams & Taylor hamper pair the gins with Peel & Tonic's flavourome fruits, whilst adding some regional favourites to create a tasting platter to be savoured.

Enjoy mixing and matching flavours, whilst enjoying a variety of pickles, jams, olives and fruits to accompany the gin. The sweet touch is provided with 10 of Red Cacao's delectable truffles, handmade in the Adelaide Hills.

A conversation-starter for the table, or simply a gift for the gin-lover in your life. They say three's a crowd, but not in this case! Let your taste buds decide which is your favourite.

Key highlights:

  • Ambleside trio of gins (375ml each)
    • The Big Dry Gin - peppery but not too spicy. Notes of rosemary and thyme, with a touch of jalapeno to give it an extra kick. Give it a twist with some 'Luscious Lime'. No.8 Botanical Gin - zesty citrus flavours from SA's Riverland oranges. Soft and smooth on the palette. Try with Peel & tonic's 'Opulent Orange'. Small Acre Gin - 12 Botanicals make this a punchy gin. Pair with Peel & Tonic's 'Amazing Apple'.
  • Peel & Tonic
    • Pair the gin with these luxurious fruits. Amazing Apple, Luscious Lime or Opulent Orange. Try with each suggested gin, or maybe mix them up!
  • Fiaje Chilli Jam
    • Enjoy the soft heat of the chilli with a sweet tangy kick. Delicious with a range of foods, but try with a tasting platter of cheeses, fruit and nut, muscatels and pickles.

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